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Apertures and Optical Applications


Chemical etching is a superior method to make apertures or other parts used in optical applications. The process creates precise openings to your exact specifications. Parts are created without burrs. Burrs can affect the size and shape of the opening and flatness of a part. Chemical etching all not add stress to the metal which can affect the flatness of the part. In addition, when the undesired material is dissolved instead of stamping or machined away, there is no work hardening to the edges which could affect the performance of the part.

We are experienced in the selection of optically black finishes that your parts may require and will be willing to assist you with these requirements.

Typical metals used for these applications include aluminum, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper and other copper alloys.

As with all chemically etched parts, the tooling costs are typically $250.00 or less and can be completed in two weeks or less. If the design needs to be adjusted it can be done quickly and inexpensively.