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Photo Etching for the Medical Industry

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United Western Enterprises Inc. has grown to be a leading provider of photochemical etching services. Its precision, quick turnaround time, and AS9100D and ISO 9001 certification make UWE the perfect company to produce photo-etched parts for medical devices.



All in the Details

The tolerance and high precision allowed by chemical etching are critical in the medical industry. Medical instruments, and components must be exactly the right dimensions. Accuracy in this segment directly equates to reliability and safety.


We produce burr-free metal components from .0003 to .064 inches thick, with openings as little as .004 inches in diameter. That enables our facility to provide chemical etching for a wide range of components, including:


• Lead frames
• Board level shielding
• EMI/RFI shielding
• Screens
• Battery contacts
• Contact/retention springs
• Anodes and cathodes
• Surgical blade blanks


We can etch wider components if necessary and also perform engraving. A stress-free manufacturing process eliminates burrs and other imperfections that are common with other methods. From surgical instruments to hearing aids, our clients demand the most precise and error-free biocompatible parts and materials.



Components and Metals

metal screens used in medical devices


We manufacture the components themselves or the parts needed to assemble them. Customers can receive, for example, electrical contacts, heat sinks, filters/screens, or RF shielding in any order size.


The same processes are used for the prototyping and production of tiny springs, air intake grills, and heat exchangers. Our technicians can use various metal types in our photochemical etching process, including:


• Aluminum alloys
• Copper alloys
• Beryllium copper
• Nickel/nickel alloys
• Stainless steel alloys


The metal used and/or recommended depends on the application. Aluminum and its alloys are inexpensive and versatile; they are used in many applications while stainless steel is available in various alloys that differ in corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, workability, and strength. Nickel silver, a nickel/copper alloy, is suited for RF shielding on circuit boards.



Why Choose UWE

Medical customers are well-accommodated because of our ability to produce parts with tight tolerances, high-precision, and with virtually no imperfections. Multiple parts can be produced simultaneously, expediting the process.


United Western Enterprises Inc. is also committed to customer satisfaction. Combined with laser welding, in-house forming, and mechanical soldering, our photo-etching process is suited for products in the medical industry as well as in electronics, aerospace, and engineering.


To request information on our photochemical etching services, how we can serve your medical device needs, and more, contact us today.