Custom Thin Metal Parts

Custom Thin Metal Parts

Photochemical etching, which can be more affordable than laser cutting and metal stamping and cost-effective for high-volume production, is our specialty. It enables us to fabricate metal parts to extremely tight tolerances for customers. Having met the needs of aerospace, commercial electronics, and biomedical companies for decades, we can custom-etch a diverse range of components to your specifications. We are also certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001

Advantages of Chemical Etching

With chemical etching, the entire shape of a part is created on a photographic film. The material is then chosen and, following cleaning, laminating, printing, and development, the metal sheet is exposed to chemicals that disolve all unprotected surfaces, yielding production-ready parts. Other advantages of chemically etched, custom metal parts include:

  • Depending on the part, lower cost than laser cutting, metal stamping, CNC machining, water jetting and Electrical Discharge Machining.
  • Design flexibility for creating many types of parts and for making design changes without significant increases in cost or lead time.
  • Material thicknesses from .0003 to .064 inches thick and the ability to produce holes as small as .004 inches in diameter. Parts can be up to 30 inches wide and 60 inches long. Parts as thick as 0.90 inches are possible, while materials up to .250 inches can be engraved.
  • There is no thermal stress on materials, preserving metal hardness, grain structure, and ductility, among other properties as the parts are created, ensuring a durable final product.

For additional details please check out our in-depth analysis on photo etching advantages.

Typical Custom Metal Parts

From custom EMI shielding to custom shims, to apertures, encoder disks, screens, covers, lids, and battery contacts, we can produce a wide range of parts. Fine screens with small holes can be created. We produce shims with an exceptional degree of flatness, plus a wide range of other custom parts precisely cut to customers’ requirements.

Metals We Work With

We produce custom thin metal parts made of alloys of stainless steel (301, 302/304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347, PH15-7Mo, and Type 17-7PH), copper, nickel, and aluminum. In addition, we work with pure nickel, nickel silver, and beryllium copper. Compatibility with many common metals adds to the versatility of our photochemical etching process.

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Our proprietary chemical etching process allows us to create parts to exact and precise specifications. We are ready to discuss your production requirements and additional needs such as forming, laser welding, soldering, heat treating, and painting. Request a quote now and include your project specifications, quantities, and even product files related to your project; or call us at (800)964-6461 for more information.

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