Decorative Etching

United Western Enterprises, Inc. offers photo etching services to produce a range of decorative elements. Photochemical machining isn’t only for creating part shapes with precise dimensions and tolerances in high quantities. We can also form complex patterns that serve a client’s decorative and artistic needs.

How Does Decorative Metal Etching Work?

The etching process allows us to create intricate metal parts. There are practically no limitations on part complexity, and the same goes for the details we can incorporate. With acid etching, we can produce high-quality:

  • Decorative brass sheets
  • Flat brass ornaments
  • Custom metal bookmarks
  • Jewelry
  • Model set parts
  • Signs and graphics
  • Architectural elements
  • … and much more

From custom ornaments and gifts to intricate models and replicas, metal etching is an extremely versatile process that can be applied to many projects.

Customers are free to play an active role in the process. They can choose a metal type, surface finish, and surface style and design for us to use. We even accept design submissions and provide feedback or design assistance to improve upon the customer’s specifications

Why Photo Etching?

Chemically etched materials can have tight tolerances which allow even fine surface details to be created without affecting the thickness or integrity of the metal.

Compared to stamping, die-cutting, punching, and other methods, there is no mechanical stress on the part. There’s also no unwanted metal on the finished product, eliminating burring, deformation, or shearing. As for cost, the designing, prototyping, and producing of parts is cheaper because it is less costly to make and adapt tooling.

In addition, large quantities of parts can be produced quickly. Whether stainless steel or aluminum is etched, our process allows for mass production of up to millions of parts. Our customers can receive prototypes and market-ready products much faster.

Why United Western Enterprises?

The photo etching process enables us to focus on high quality and flexibility while addressing precision and speed. We assist customers in many different industries, including aerospace and military defense, electronics, and automotive segments.

We are also trusted because of our:

  • In-house forming: In addition to rapid prototyping, we offer forming services such as laser welding, heat treating, and plating to increase the value of your project.
  • Free consultations: We’ll consult with you and your team to discuss every detail of your design, provide professional input, and make suggestions before you pay us a cent.

Learn more about our decorative etching services and etching process in general by calling 800-964-6461, submitting your question online or filling out our quote request form.

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