EMI Board Level Shielding

chemical etched board level shielding

One of United Western Enterprise’s specialties is the photo etching of board level shielding. We produce one- and two-piece custom surface-mount shields to suit a variety of applications. Each shield is designed to eliminate crosstalk, or the transmission of signals from one circuit to another, which can create interference, equipment malfunctions, and damage.

Meeting Customers’ Shielding Needs with Photo Chemical Etching

We can meet any application requirement, regardless of part shape and complexity. Thicknesses range down to .0003” (although .005” to 0.20” is often suitable for board level shielding), so we can address the tightest tolerances. Cost and downtime are minimized, thanks to an ability to produce many parts at once, to a customer’s exact specifications, without the risk of damage and imperfections associated with other manufacturing methods.

Board level shielding can be manufactured out of brass, nickel silver, beryllium copper aluminum, nickel, or stainless steel alloys. If needed, Parts can also be plated to improve integrity, solderability, and performance. Tin plating is often used, but we can apply nickel, silver, or gold plating if desired, and provide chemical film and anodizing services as well.

Why Chemical Etching for Board Level Shielding?

Our ability to transform a concept into reality is second to none. Photo etching enables us to produce small EMI shields in any size, using a variety of materials, with lower costs, improved design flexibility, and decreased tooling costs despite complex geometries. We can also provide small holes and slots for heat dissipation, different mounting-pin configurations, and part numbers and logos.

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