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Stainless Steel Alloys

Type 301 like all 300 series stainless steel is work-hardened to achieve higher tempers.301 is good for such applications as springs, clamps and brackets.

Types 302/304 are general-purpose stainless steel alloys. They are somewhat more corrosive resistant than 301. They can also be cold-worked to higher tensile strengths, although they become less ductile compared to type 301.

Type 304L is similar to type 304 but has less carbon, making it a good choice for parts requiring welding.

Type 316 is often used for food and medical applications.

Type 316L like 304L has lower carbon content than 316 which makes it a good choice parts requiring welding.

Type 321 and 347 offers the advantage of excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion at temperatures in the range of 800deg F to 1500 deg F or at lower temperatures after holding in this range.

PH15-7Mo This commonly used precipitation-hardening stainless steel has good work-ability, high strength and fair corrosion resistance. It also has great mechanical properties at high temperatures. Molybdenum content provides more strength than other PH grades with similar hardening treatments.

Type 17-7PH can be etched in either the annealed condition or in a work hardened temper. Both tempers can later be heat treated for increased strength.