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Perforated Metal Mesh Screens

Fine ScreensMetal screens with precise features can be made using the chemical etching process. Our etching process allowing us to create intricate features in the form of very fine webs and holes. Photo etched screens have a higher degree of dimensional stability, so they stand up to stress during etching, handling, and use in demanding applications.

Why Use Chemical Etching

Chemical etched screens can be produced in custom dimensions and tolerances. We can make filters, sieves, and other screens regardless of complexity, in one piece, without the distortion, stress, and degradation that can occur with punching. All pieces are burr-free, with webs at least 2/3 the thickness of material, as the process allows. If a customer orders a screen etched out of .010” thick material, the webs must be at least .006” wide.

Our process can also make screens with small holes. The openings on the screen must be at least 20% larger than the material thickness. Therefore, on a .010” thick screen, the holes must be at least .012” in diameter. Whether you need a single piece or as many as you need, photo etching remains just as precise and reliable.

Typical Applications

From food grade and clean room applications to the most sensitive technological requirements, photo etched screens are extremely flexible and versatile. Here are just a few examples of where they can be used:

  • Electronic equipment: RFI filters, particle filters, PCB shielding, speaker grilles, and water filtration equipment.
  • Medical equipment: Filters, sensors, monitoring devices, surgical needle threaders, and medical implants.
  • Military and aerospace: Fuel and hydraulic system filters, cabin air quality systems, and noise reduction components.

Contact United Western Enterprises, Inc. regarding your perforated metal mesh screen requirements.