Photo Etching Custom Thin Metal Parts Since 1969

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Our History

What Are We Doing

United Western Enterprises is a supplier of thin photo chemically etched metal parts to a variety of different markets, including aerospace, biomedical and commercial electronics. United Western Enterprises was founded in Santa Monica, California in 1969 as a support facility for a publishing company. Shortly thereafter, United Western Enterprises began producing parts for other companies as a custom job shop…

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Photo Etched Parts We Offer

The precision metal components we produce can accommodate a wide range of applications. From board-level shielding to optical system components, to shims, covers, lids, screens, and other thin parts that require tight tolerances, United Western Enterprises, Inc., has far-ranging capabilities. Our chemical machining processes enable us to produce custom parts based on customers’ own designs. Here is a comprehensive list of items we produce in the dimensions and quantities our clients order:

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Over the years, process improvement and customer service have maximized the value of our photo etched precision metal complements.

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Typical Metals Used in Production

Our photo chemical machining processes can be used with many common metals.

Our Advantages

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Why Photochemical Etching is Ideal for Drones and Small Unmanned Systems

Drones and unmanned systems may represent the latest technology in industries spanning military and defense to consumer hobbyists, and even to companies looking for fast and efficient ways to deliver goods. But unmanned systems date…

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You Can Eliminate Burrs with Photo Chemical Etching

When you are fabricating thin metal parts you usually run the risk of getting deformations known as burrs, and these annoying little things cause imperfections to your part’s structure. Some very popular fabrication methods for…

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How Photochemical Etching Can Resolve Common Problems in Fabricating Precision Aluminum Components

Fabricating precision aluminum parts comes with several challenges. People who are veterans to our space know the value found in using the best photochemical etching companies in the US to initiate a process that offers…

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