Beryllium Copper

Beryllium Copper

Because the etching process dissolves unwanted material instead of grinding or machining, we are able to work with beryllium copper in ways other methods of metals removal cannot.

Beryllium copper strip is used across a broad spectrum of applications.

Alloy 25/172 is the most common beryllium copper available. When heat treated, Alloy 25/172 can attain ultimate tensile strength higher than 200 ksi and its hardness approaches Rockwell C45.

Beryllium copper properties are determined by composition as well as cold working and age hardening. Beryllium copper the annealed condition is designated by a letter “A”, for example Alloy 25A. The suffix letter “H” shows the alloy that has been hardened by cold working such as 1/2H. The suffix letter “T” following an “A” or “H” shows the alloy has been given a standard heat treatment such as 1/2HT.. Beryllium copper that has an “M” suffix has been processed at the Mill to change its temper.

It is important to keep in mind that to obtain ½ hard temper, the material is work- hardened. Heat treating annealed material will yield AT temper material. Heat treating material designated as ½ hard will yield 1/2HT temper.

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