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sheet of super thin beryllium copper photo etched

Why Brands Invest in Photochemical Etching for Mixed Material Products

Photochemical etching is a manufacturing process used by brands that require thin metal parts that require precise measurements and intricate designs. There are several reasons why brands using mixed materials invest in photochemical etching, and…

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Chemical etching and micro stamping

What are the Popular Talking Points Surrounding Photochemical Etching?

When brands are under pressure to design metal components and they are facing multiple constraints, experienced organizations will turn to United Western Enterprises for photochemical etching services. This article is intended to help internal manufacturers…

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Photo etching services on brass, copper and nickel silver

Why Manufacturers Invest in Photo Etching to Make Small Metal Parts

Photo etching, also known as photochemical machining (PCM) and photochemical milling, is a process used to to create thin metal parts using etchants and a photoresist that corrosively machines away designated areas. PCM, emerged as…

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Photochemical Machining

3 Things Product Design Engineers Need to Know About Photochemical Etching

Just ask any product design engineer about their process for creating a thin metal part, and they will tell you that this takes a great degree of research, time, collaboration with engineers, and working with…

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CNC machine drilling the hole at the steel shaft

What are the Advantages of Photochemical Etching?

Photochemical etching, also known as chemical machining, chemical milling, photo etching, and metal etching is a manufacturing process that fabricates fine metal parts through chemistry and precision photolithography. From the aerospace industry to electronics, and…

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metal mesh screens

Photochemical Etching / Photochemical Machining

United Western Enterprises has been known as the industry leader in advanced photochemical etching or photochemical machining since 1969 making us one of the most experienced partners for businesses seeking complex custom metal parts. UWE…

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uv exposure during photo chemical etching

Ways to Know If Photo Etching Is Right for You

Given the wide spectrum of metal fabrication processes available, it's understandable if you aren't certain which of these processes is best for your particular application. A company seeking help in shaping their metal products to…

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Electronics Printed Circuit Borad

Ways to Know If Acid Etching Is the Right Solution for You

Acid etching—alternatively called photo etching, photo chemical etching, or chemical milling—is a metal fabrication process that can provide a number of production benefits. However, it is not the only type of fabrication process used to…

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concept of future technology 5G network

How Chemical Etching Could Advance 5G Technology

The advent of 5G technology has inspired a lot of discussion in the news, mostly centering on the ways it promises to improve cellular communications. While 5G will certainly enhance the technology used to power…

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