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What You Need to Know About Chem Etching as an EMI Shielding Manufacturing Method

It happens all the time—manufacturers that are still building up their experience in the industry will talk to more seasoned metal part manufacturers that specialize in EMI shielding, and will learn all about chem etching…

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Chem Etching and the Manufacturing of High-Profile and Low-Profile EMI Shielding

As a society we have passed through a number of technology booms. However, for many industries, ranging from telecommunications and aerospace to consumer electronics and medical devices, electromagnetic interference (EMI) presents a major threat to…

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How Chem Etching Provides Solutions to Supply Chain Challenges

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations are supply chain issues in which disruptions, increased costs, and delays occur when primary components are sourced. However, veteran supply chain leaders know that utilizing the best…

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How Photo Etching Resolves Thermal Management Concerns

Excessive heat is a serious problem for a wide range of engineering applications. When heat isn’t properly controlled or minimized, it often results in deleterious effects on one or more parts of a system, including…

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Your Products Can Be Burr Free When You Invest in Photo Chemical Etching

When using metal fabrication machining, there is always going to be a looming threat of troublesome deformations like burrs that can alter a metal part’s structure or cause glaring imperfections. There are several types of…

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What are Tabs and Why are They Used in Photo Etching for Intricate Components?

Photo etching, also known as photochemical etching, photochemical machining and photochemical milling) is a manufacturing process used for creating thin metal parts from a metal sheet using photoresist and etchants to corrode away unwanted areas…

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Metal plates after processing on die-cutting press

Interesting Photochemical Etching Facts that Newbies Should Be Aware Of

Photochemical etching is a method used for creating thin metal parts. It also goes by the spelling “photo chemical etching” and is also commonly known as photochemical machining (PCM) or metal etching. Since 1969 United…

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Why Photochemical Etching is Ideal for Drones and Small Unmanned Systems

Drones and unmanned systems may represent the latest technology in industries spanning military and defense to consumer hobbyists, and even to companies looking for fast and efficient ways to deliver goods. But unmanned systems date…

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Common Things Engineers Ask About Photochemical Etching: Oil Canning from Laser Cutting

Metal fabricating applications can be very challenging and complex, so naturally, United Western Enterprises gets approached by engineers on a regular basis in search of better solutions for fabricating thin metal parts, and in most…

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