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Metal plates after processing on die-cutting press

Interesting Photochemical Etching Facts that Newbies Should Be Aware Of

Photochemical etching is a method used for creating thin metal parts. It also goes by the spelling “photo chemical etching” and is also commonly known as photochemical machining (PCM) or metal etching. Since 1969 United…

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Why Photochemical Etching is Ideal for Drones and Small Unmanned Systems

Drones and unmanned systems may represent the latest technology in industries spanning military and defense to consumer hobbyists, and even to companies looking for fast and efficient ways to deliver goods. But unmanned systems date…

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Metal sheet

Common Things Engineers Ask About Photochemical Etching: Oil Canning from Laser Cutting

Metal fabricating applications can be very challenging and complex, so naturally, United Western Enterprises gets approached by engineers on a regular basis in search of better solutions for fabricating thin metal parts, and in most…

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Professional technician engineer with safety helmet working in industrial manufacturing factory

You Can Eliminate Burrs with Photo Chemical Etching

When you are fabricating thin metal parts you usually run the risk of getting deformations known as burrs, and these annoying little things cause imperfections to your part’s structure. Some very popular fabrication methods for…

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How Photochemical Etching Can Resolve Common Problems in Fabricating Precision Aluminum Components

Fabricating precision aluminum parts comes with several challenges. People who are veterans to our space know the value found in using the best photochemical etching companies in the US to initiate a process that offers…

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board level emi shielding

What is EMI Shielding and Why Is It Critical for the Design of Your Electronics?

EMI shielding, short for electromagnetic interference, is incorporated during the manufacturing process of electronic equipment such as mobile phones, tablets and radios that prevents the disruption of signals between electronic components. EMI has the capabilities…

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Why More Designers are Partnering with the Best Photo Etch Company

Veterans in the design space will refer to photochemical etchers as a “photo etch company”, while people a little newer to the space (or those who just like traditional purist language) will search for “photochemical…

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Space satellite over the planet earth

Photo Chemical Etching for Aerospace: 4 Things Managers Should Know

As a manager or team lead for an aerospace company, you know all too well that the aerospace industry is extremely diverse with a plethora of industrial, commercial, and military applications. Usually, the aerospace industry…

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sheet of super thin beryllium copper photo etched

Why Brands Invest in Photochemical Etching for Mixed Material Products

Photochemical etching is a manufacturing process used by brands that require thin metal parts that require precise measurements and intricate designs. There are several reasons why brands using mixed materials invest in photochemical etching, and…

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