Photo Etched Precision Metal Parts

At United Western Enterprises, Inc., we offer precision metal parts for a wide range of applications. Our in-house forming department offers cost-effective production processes. Photo etched parts, produced by using advanced photo chemical machining techniques and computer-aided design, are available in several common types, but we’re always prepared to address customer’s custom needs and designs.

Photo Etched Parts We Offer

The precision metal components we produce can accommodate a wide range of applications. From board-level shielding to optical system components, to shims, covers, lids, screens, and other thin parts that require tight tolerances, United Western Enterprises, Inc., has far-ranging capabilities. Our chemical machining processes enable us to produce custom parts based on customers’ own designs. Here is a comprehensive list of items we produce in the dimensions and quantities our clients order:

Custom Parts and Prototyping

United Western Enterprises, Inc., offers cost-effective solutions for clients requiring fast prototypes and custom parts. Able to work within any budget, we employ tooling that’s less expensive than with traditional production methods. Industrial metal photo etching can be used for one-off prototypes to test design ideas, refining the mass production process, and accommodate changes in product designs, features, and functions.

Able to work within tight tolerances, we can produce parts with metal thickness from 0.0005 to 0.08 inches. Photo etched parts can be produced out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, nickel, silver, and any other commercial metal or alloy.

Benefits of Chemical Etching

  • • Lower Tooling/Production Costs: Tooling can be used repeatedly, and changes to part templates made quickly with little or no cost impact. Chemical etching is precise and accurate—you don’t spend more correcting errors and design inefficiencies.
  • • Reduced Turnaround Time: In many cases, tooling can be created in hours, and orders completed within days. By comparison, tooling for metal stamping can take up to eight weeks to develop. Therefore, precision metal etching drastically cuts production time.
  • • Volume: Many precision metal components can be produced simultaneously on a single sheet. Laser cutting, which cannot accomplish this, is not suited for mass production. With CNC machining or EDM, high-volume production is not cost-effective.
  • • Design Flexibility: Chemical etching allows for a wide range of part complexities. When design changes are needed, your company may spend only a couple hundred dollars at most, without any substantial changes in lead time.
  • • Part Quality: Photo etching does not leave behind the burrs stamping does. Extremely thin, complex parts can be produced in any batch size. Greater part complexity can be accommodated because all areas of a part are etched simultaneously.

Industry Leading Quality and Service

At United Western Enterprises, our mission is to meet customers’ expectations—on budget and on schedule. In business since 1969, we are committed to continual process improvement and customer satisfaction. The value of our services is a top priority. Our experienced management team strives to meet all your requirements while suggesting improvements to maximize part quality and reduce costs.

All our photo etched parts are custom-made, using drawings supplied by our clients. To get started, request a quote today for a fast 82% one-day turnaround time, or call us at (800)964-6461 for more information.