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Laser Welding Services for Precision Machined Parts

United Western Enterprises offers in-house laser welding as an option for tacking and seam welding applications. By tack welding the seams of your RFI/EMI shielding, you may be assured that your parts are as strong as they can be. Welding the seams will also make the shielding more effective. Additionally, United Western Enterprises offers structural soldering, which includes soldering the seams of your RFI/EMI shields.

About Laser Welding

Laser beam welding is an advanced welding technique that utilizes the intense heat generated by a laser to create strong, permanent bonds between metals. This method is noted for its exceptional precision and rapid production capabilities. It’s a versatile option that is widely employed across various industries, including the aerospace and medical sectors.

There are two primary methods of laser beam welding:

Heat Conduction Welding

Heat conduction welding is a laser welding technique that delicately heats the surface of the metal without causing vaporization. This results in a weld characterized by a smooth and refined texture.

Applications: It is most suitable for scenarios where the weld joint doesn’t require an exceptionally high level of strength but demands precision and fine surface quality.

Keyhole Welding

Keyhole welding involves vaporizing the surface of the metal and creating an intensely hot “keyhole” within the material. This keyhole allows for deep penetration and results in strong welds.

Applications: Keyhole welding can be employed on a wide range of metals, making it broadly suitable for applications where strong weld joints are necessary.

Advantages of Laser Welding

Laser beam welding provides a number of production benefits, including but not limited to the following:

  • Low heat – Because laser welding utilizes less heat than certain other weld processes, it creates relatively little thermal stress. This makes it ideal for use on stainless steel and other thin metals.
  • High precision – Laser welding offers enormous precision, which makes it suitable even for applications involving extremely small parts.
  • Consistency – Automation allows for repeatable welds, no matter whether you’re dealing with a few items or a large production run.

Laser beam welding is the best option for many applications, from medical devices to lithium batteries.

Why UWE?

With our years of experience in laser welding applications, United Western Enterprises, Inc. is the partner you need to ensure the job gets done correctly. We’re an AS 9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company based in a 21,000-square-foot building located in Camarillo, California. To learn more about our laser technology expertise, feel free to contact us. You can also request a quote.

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