EMI Fingerstock Gaskets

copper chemical etched fingerstock gaskets

In the electronics industry, EMI/RFI shielding is critical as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference can wreak havoc on a variety of applications. Fingerstock gaskets provide EMI shielding in the form of strips, rings, and connectors to fit the profiles and geometries of the components they are installed in. Do you have a design concept or need help with development? United Western Enterprises can help you create the ideal solution.

Extreme Design Flexibility

Our photo chemical etching capabilities not only speed production but also support parts with complex geometries. We can produce fingerstock gasketing with the mechanical strength needed to support your application. Whether it’s repeated opening or closing or the need for high attenuation performance, United Western Enterprises can accommodate your specifications.

Shielding strips can be manufactured in various lengths. Photo etching enables us to create single parts or cut them to requested lengths or produce repeated results or a number of different part configurations simultaneously. Modifications can be made quickly, thanks to easy tooling processing, which enables us to quickly and cheaply refine our tooling to meet your needs.

Custom Design for Your Application

The harsh environment of stamping and cutting is eliminated. It’s possible to create EMI strips in any style that are burr-free and ready for installation. Order fingerstock gaskets as thin as .0003” thick to occupy extremely narrow gaps. Inquire about material thickness options to meet application requirements.

Contact us today to learn about how chemical etching can meet your fingerstock gaskets application, and inquire about materials, finishes, and other options.

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