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Covers and Lids

Covers and LidsCovers or step lids can be a challenge. They need to be precise and fit tightly in their mating enclosure. They also need to stay flat so they can be welded easily. Chemical etching can be the answer to these tough problems. Machining, grinding or stamping can add stress to any part, particularly when the part has a less than full thickness flange around its edge. By dissolving any unwanted material, chemical etching can produce the step lids that fit correctly and stay flat.

Typically lids are made out of Kovar because of its low expansion characteristics, but they can be made out of other less expensive materials as well. We can take care of any plating your parts need. Typically the plating will be nickel, tin or gold.

As with any chemically etched part the tooling can be generated quickly and inexpensively. If any adjustments need to be made to the part on future orders, adjusting the tooling is fast and easy.