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Photo Etched Precision Metal Parts

At United Western Enterprises, Inc., we offer precision metal parts for a wide range of applications. Our in-house forming department offers cost-effective production processes. Photo-etched parts, produced at using advanced photochemical machining techniques and computer-aided design, are available in several common types, but we’re always prepared to address clients’ custom needs and designs.

Available Parts

RFI and EMI Shielding

RFI Shielding One- or two-piece shielding, or that with peel-away tops for RFI and EMI applications can be manufactured to precise custom specifications. Brass, tin-plated steel, nickel silver, Mu metal, and stainless steel are used. More details on these can be found on our RFI and EMI shielding page.

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shimsLarge ShimsFilling gaps between parts, shims are produced as flat as possible, whether we process brass, steel, copper, bronze, or aluminum. Each is engineered to be free of burrs or any other deformations. Information on available options and custom designs is featured on our shims page.

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Apertures and Optical Applications

AperturesApertures and Optical ApplicationsChemical machining is used in the creation of apertures. Chemical etching creates precise openings for optical applications and yields a flat, burr-less part. Learn more about an efficient production process on our comprehensive apertures page.

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Encoder Disks

Encoder DisksEncoder DisksThese etched parts can feature slots significantly wider than the material’s thickness. Encoder disks can, therefore, have tiny openings while retaining the same flatness as before. Learn more about our etching process by visiting our encoder disk page.

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Springs and Contacts

Springs and ContactsSprings and ContactsBattery springs and contacts are efficiently made using a proven in-house forming process. Stainless steel, beryllium copper, and phosphor bronze are often used for these metal parts, but nickel can be used as well. Some contacts are gold plated. Learn about the best options by visiting our battery contacts page.

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Fine Screens

Fine ScreensFine ScreensThe etching process allows all unwanted materials to be dissolved. Small holes and fine webs can be produced, with tight tolerances between material thickness and web width. Our fine screens page tells more about how openings compare to screen thickness.

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Covers and Lids

Covers and LidsCovers and LidsCovers and lids are among the most precise parts, as they need to ensure a tight fit and remain flat. Chemical etching eliminates any imperfections and does not introduce stress into the material, so step lids fit correctly. Find more details on our covers and Kovar lids page.

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Custom Thin Metal Parts

shimsCustom Thin Metal PartsThere's practically no limit to our chemical machining applications. Cost-effective production processes enable UWE to develop precision metal parts to your exact specifications. Visit our custom parts page and speak to our team regarding your application and requirements.

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