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April 2018
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Here at United Western Enterprises, we go above and beyond to ensure the parts we deliver are in line with customer specifications. On top of our chemical etching process, we provide various value added options to expand the range of design elements available to our customers.

Value added options refer to additional manufacturing services or features that provide extra benefits or advantages to a product. These options can go a long way toward enhancing the quality, functionality, and overall value of the finished products.

By offering these value added options, we give our customers the advantages of reduced prices and one-stop shopping. Whether you need specific angles formed, holes drilled, parts soldered or tack-welded, United Western Enterprises has you covered!

For additional details, please see our full list of value added options posted in the space below.

About UWE’s Value Added Options

United Western Enterprises is proud to provide our customers with a variety of value added options. These include the following:

Metal forming

Metal forming permanently reshapes material through plastic deformation without adding to or subtracting from existing mass. Reshaping in this manner can be achieved through tensile forming, compressive forming, or a combination of the two methods. Metal forming allows the production of intricate and complex shapes that may not be achievable through other manufacturing methods, and it typically involves minimal material wastage, making it more material-efficient compared to subtractive manufacturing methods like machining.

UWE offers both hot working (above recrystallization temperature) and cold working (below recrystallization temperature) options with our custom metal forming services.

Laser welding

Often used in tacking and seam welding applications, laser welding utilizes concentrated heat to fuse together metal or thermoplastic materials. It is especially well suited for creating precise design elements on small parts, as laser welding provides exceptional control over the heat input and weld bead size, resulting in precise and accurate welds. The focused laser beam minimizes the heat-affected zone around the weld area, which reduces the risk of material distortion and preserving the material’s properties and structural integrity. It results in neat and clean welds.

UWE offers both heat conduction welding and keyhole welding options.

Heat treating

This process uses precisely calculated heating and cooling cycles to alter the metals and alloys being treated. The result of this is an enhancement in material hardness, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, or tensile strength, among other possible benefits. Heat treating can often be a cost-effective solution to enhance material properties and extend the life of components, potentially reducing the need for more expensive materials or frequent replacements. The precise control and customization it offers enable manufacturers to meet stringent quality standards and deliver products that meet the unique requirements of their customers.

A variety of heat treating options are available, such as carburizing, quenching, case hardening, annealing, decarburization, tempering, nitriding, and vacuum hardening.

Metal plating

This is a value added process that enhances the durability and/or corrosion resistance of material by applying a thin layer of metal to the substrate. It is generally achieved through the electroplating of metals, but the use of alternative processes is possible as well. Metal plated surfaces generally have better solderability, making it easier to join components together during assembly processes. Additionally, metal plating can improve the bondability of the substrate and enable strong adhesive bonding between different materials.

A number of metals can be treated in this way, including nickel, tin, copper, silver, and gold. Chem film and anodizing are related processes that are sometimes used in place of plating to augment the durability of a given material.

Other options

We also provide various value added services that are not among those listed above. If you are looking for a specific value added option and do not see it here, please contact us with your specs. We may be able to accommodate your request.

Benefits of Value Added Options

UWE’s value added options offer significant benefits to customers by enhancing the overall value, quality, and efficiency of the etching process and the final products. These additional services go beyond the basic chemical etching process and cater to specific needs, requirements, and preferences of our customers.

One of the primary benefits of value added options is improved product functionality. For instance, plating or coating enhances the durability, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity of the etched components. This translates to longer-lasting products that can withstand harsh environments and perform optimally in various applications.

Another advantage is the ready availability of comprehensive solutions. Customers enjoy a streamlined manufacturing process when they opt for value added options. Offering secondary operations such as forming, bending, or heat treatment allows customers to receive fully finished parts without the need for additional outsourcing. This simplifies the supply chain and ensures consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Our value added options allow us to accommodate the unique needs of customers, enhance the quality and functionality of the products, reduce production lead times, and streamline the manufacturing process. These benefits translate into improved product performance and a competitive advantage in the market.

United Western Enterprises for Value Added Services

Since our founding in 1969, United Western Enterprises, Inc., has provided a wide array of photo etching services and value added enhancements to businesses in a broad spectrum of industries, including the military, automotive, medical, and electronics sectors. We can work effectively with many types of metals, such as aluminum alloys, beryllium copper, copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, nickel silver, and stainless steel alloys.

As an AS 9100D / ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we have refined our production processes to ensure maximal efficiency and accuracy in fulfilling our clients’ orders. We are headquartered in a 21,000-square-foot facility located in Camarillo, California, which has served as our base since 1992.

If you would like more information about our value added processes or wish to request a quote, please call us at (800) 964-6461, or use our online contact form to reach us. We look forward to helping you with your next project.

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